Hard Magic

by totemo

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bobjohn thumbnail
bobjohn A fine piece of music, I admire the simplicity of it although the work behind it must be significant. There are a lot of small things that you can hear even after listening a track many times, this is some accurate and creative musical creation Favorite track: Human Being.
electricfusion thumbnail
electricfusion I didn´t discover the beauty of "Scholarships" until i'd played the CD for the x-time.And then i got hooked.A great example of simplicity ,playfulness and inventiveness.
One of a kind IMO. Favorite track: Scholarships.
Yoram Kaplan
Yoram Kaplan thumbnail
Yoram Kaplan אינטימיות אפלולית המצויירת בעט דק. מתאים במיוחד לשעת לילה מאוחרת Favorite track: A Little Bird In Your Ear.
Elad Tsur
Elad Tsur thumbnail
Elad Tsur Years of working on an album yields beautiful things like this one. Great combination of softness and electronic that literally speaks to your heart. Favorite track: This Is What You All Came For.
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Debut album released May 2012


released May 24, 2012

All songs written, arranged, performed and produced by Rotem Or, with the exceptions:
Nadav Ravid - musical production of “Covers”
Shy Kedmi - strings arrangements for “Human Being”
Eyal Freedman - claps on “This Is What You All Came For”
Elia Shenberger - bass guitar on “A Little Bird In Your Ear”
Noam Lucas - backing vocals on “Dear Sir”
Lyrics of “Untitled” - by W.H Auden
Some Lyrics on “Secret Particles” are inspired by Benny Shanon’s
“A Psychological Theory of Consciousness”

Mixed by Rotem Or
Except for “Covers”, mixed by Nadav Ravid
Mastered by April Golden @ Golden Mastering
Cover art: Shany Kedar



all rights reserved


totemo Israel

Tel-Aviv-based singer / producer

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Track Name: This Is What You All Came For
broke it up after heart lab
the archives can still be found down town
be not afraid, be notified
come on this hayride
a time to kill and time to heal
time to leave this town for real
here comes my piece of mind
I had to ask, my head is light
come on this just might fly
a time to kill and time to heal
I was burning every clue
you would too, if you knew
mmm aching sure
there's nothing lonelier
than a migraine in new york
the sun is shining like a promise
here comes your cure
here comes my piece of mind
these are guilty times, I let it go
I had to ask, my head is light
come on this just might fly
it's hard to land, I understand
but any answer you think you had
threw us all back in time
take the tour
there's nothing lonelier
than to make believe in new york
but the sun is shining
so I smile right back
then close my eyes:
here it comes, the end of times
Track Name: Secret Particles
the street lights are
signs for the pedestrians:
the clock is ticking
and you're sung clock-wise
life is short
you can't buy time
hurry along
in constant flux
like resonance
transition is the natural move
the stable state's dynamic
I broke a machine
that predicts everything
everything's perfect
go long, go long, go long
secret particles
between you and me
they're just like us
when we reach
out to touch in pitch dark
we are also blind
but guided by the underground
in constant flux
like resonance
every time we're looking back
a stream of thoughts dies
I broke a machine
that predicts everything
everything's perfect
come close, come close, come closer
immerse in the joys of being
anything at all
Track Name: A Little Bird In Your Ear
this is the west end avenue, welcomes you
a race track for little new gods
paving their way
through the middle east of my mind
please stop, stop talking
don't block the box
please stop, stop moving
don't box the block, don't bleed too much
in the middle of the race
two ants decided to stop
thinking it can't really be so far away
and certainly not far gone.
I want to live the kind of life
you could write about
effortlessly leaking out
my second hand heart
be kind and leaf me away
raise your head and under
stand on your hands
just say the word
become a fear inside my head, and peek.
stay where you are, we'll hide and seek.
Track Name: Dear Sir
where did you forget
the definition to my life
there's no rain, I'm giving up
come, state your state,
claim power over me
and if we play controlling games
and I'm on top
we know it's just pretend
we're never equal, that's why
I think about you all day
here comes the night
physics hard, friction's good
cure for open wounds
Track Name: Untitled
(by W.H Auden)

deep in my dark the dream shines
yes, of you, you dear always;
my cause to cry, cold but my
story still, still my music.
mild rose the moon, moving through our
naked nights: tonight in rains;
black umbrellas blossom out;
gone the gold, my golden ball.
heavy these hands, I believed
that pleased pause, your pause was me
to love alone till life's end:
I thought this; this was not true.
you touched, you took. tears fall. o
fair my far, when far ago
like waterwheels wishes spun
radiant robes: but the robes tore.
Track Name: Human Being
“it's not about the vision
it's an image, and it’s like having a boat”
beautiful and cold
and you cried back at them
until there was nothing left to pour
even though you're mild and soft
your mouth was dry
and you could never say
what you had to say
so you just said:
“it's not about the vision
it's about distributing the vision
it's an image, and it's like having a boat.”
how can I be
when you keep following me
it's not about me
when you keep trying me out
why can't it be pleased
with the sheer force of human being
what could I mean
when you keep undermining me
how can I be light
when you keep me in a black jar
Track Name: Covers
all I’ve got left
is covers
all I understand
nothing’s changed
still in whispers
still with patterns
an instant message blocked
you’re blocked
when nothing meant a thing
I wish nothing meant a thing
to me too
do you think I win?
do you think that I wanted to win?
let’s end this song with a song
Track Name: How I Lost Your Respect
it starts:
we're the same kind, both tagged deep
in parallel search, parallel speech,
but now your only exercise is to sleep
around and around and around
and your duty calls - you must fall
in love
it starts again with:
something holding a guitar,
having dropped a jaw
in style, timed out, it gets old
you're high on
descending, high on trauma.
but when you say you don't want me
in every single cell, every evil thought
I ever had
about myself comes true
taking U-turns inside,
I hang on tight to my confabulated visions
I choose to see myself on your bed,
on your street, cut the outside of your door
I can't read the signs
my machine does magic
but when the metaphor dies
is where you're still alive
Track Name: Scholarships
some scholarships to pretend
we're running away
can you hear our footsteps down
down the drain
I stopped doing anything I love
and in return I get free runs
around the playground
the ground is mine
and we sink relationships
streams borrowing time
and losing breath, we run
strings bowing aligned
and losing breath, we run
brothers in arms, we are
brothers in wine
in vein I call it mine
listen to me while I try
and we sink
boarding to a fellowship to pretend
I'm hearing it too
can you?
our dreams evacuate themselves
Track Name: A Flower For You
look at lily, she’s so pretty
we can agree on that
whisper in my ear
it’s snowing white noise on me
I look up - it’s definitely there
you were the choir
but you didn’t seem to like it
though I begged
you knew I’ll be easy to move
because I’m a part of this body
that everyone has a part of
I drew a flower for you
you were the choir
but you didn’t seem to like it
though I begged
used to call you
like you knew
give me your hand,
I’ll drown myself with it
Track Name: We Choose Future B
every thought that I chose
brought me to the ground
that can't be right
I'm almost living it up
and every day I see my future
I sailed across the ocean
just to be able to wave
still never hold myself
to the only boy I can mend
sentence, lose meaning
I will neglect it till it does
it's okay – you never gave me your word
and every day I’ll see my future
still never hold myself
to my own god damn command
may these times, that I chose
bring me to the ground
by making the same mistake twice
forcing me to see my future
to kill all the patterns in the world
and to never hate myself
we now know I could break